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How do I convert from septic tanks to sewerage?

To find information about converting from septic tanks to sewerage and applying for sewer conversions please visit this page.

What are the suggested charged out rates for maintenance type plumbing work?

We suggest that consumers go to the Find a Plumber feature on our website to find Master Plumber that services you area.

Then ask them for quotes and compare prices.

Recommended rates:

Ordinary hours of work 7.30 - 4.30 Monday - Friday

Between $100 and $250 per hour is acceptable, this is subject to a number of variables and can range significantly depending on the type of work being carried out.

These rates are recommended guideline rates only. There is NO set minimum or maximum charges. The recommended hourly rate does not include materials.

Some plumbing companies will charge a call out fee, this could be the hourly rate or included in the first hour of labour charge.

After hours and weekend rates charged, could be as much as double the rate of ordinary hours rates.

What is considered poor plumbing practices?

Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of WA provide commentary when there are news stories about untrained, unqualified tradespeople and contractors ‘ripping off’ consumers.

We are a source of media statements, expert opinion, and expert knowledge about the industry and provide insights into the importance of legislation and issues in a way that politicians may not be able to provide. We also provide the media with stories about public health risks.

To learn more about poor plumbing practices, click here.

Why should I choose for a Master Plumber?

Members of the Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association:

  • Produce quality work that complies with relevant laws and regulations
  • Find a registered, qualified plumbing contractor when they need one
  • Easily identify which contractors are registered and qualified
  • High level of protection for the elderly against scams
  • Won’t contaminate drinking water supplies.
  • Won’t install equipment in a manner that creates risks of electric shock or explosions.